(This blog is a repost of a blog I wrote several years ago.)

On May 22, 1999 I married the most beautiful person (inside and out) that I had ever met. At the tender age of 19 Linda and I embarked on a journey that could be turned into an epic movie filled with love, lies, laughter and legacy. (And a killer Korean soundtrack!) I want to share with you the 13 things that I have personally gained by being married to Linda for the past 13 years:

  1. Greater holiness and passion for integrity
  2. Sense of destiny and adventure
  3. Courage to face fears head on
  4. Greater sense of humour about life – especially during mistakes and failures
  5. Ever enriching friendship and companionship
  6. Three beautiful sons (w/more to go?)
  7. Greater sensitivity to those who hurt and those who are different from me
  8. Greater insight into the kind of love that puts others above yourself
  9. Seeing the past (especially struggles) as the key to unlocking the future
  10. Like faith and innocence, naiveness can almost be a virtue at times
  11. Presence and laughter can overcome a lot of difficult times
  12. Great people usually have great spouses
  13. Use your own hurts in marriage to help others with similar hurts

How long have you been married? And what have you gained from it?

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