(This blog is a repost of a blog I wrote several years ago.)

I wanted to post a few thoughts on what I’m learning in regards to what happens when you’re patiently waiting on the Lord. While there will always be seasons of waiting, I feel this particular season that I’m in is coming to a close and I have hope that the Lord is going to bring clarity soon.

Waiting will…

  • Purify motives. Because you don’t want to go do something that is not God’s will. You have more time to examine your motives. You enter a season where you discover more of God and more of yourself.
  • Change the questions. Often times we ask God for answers to questions that we raise and that we believe to be helpful in our situation. However, he may not answer right away perhaps because he is interested in a whole set of other questions – questions that we don’t know how to raise apart from waiting on Him.
  • Develop a new language for talking with God. Sometimes the Father speaks ssssslllllooooowwwwwlllllyyyyyy – because for Him to speak at his normal rate would be information overload for us. We wouldn’t be able to comprehend sentences and paragraphs. So he must at times speak in syllables and simple words until we understand his advanced language. Just as children must increase in language capacity, so must God’s sons. Apparent silence does not necessarily mean God isn’t speaking. He could be slowly forming words and sentences in a divine language that we’re just starting to learn.
  • Bring God glory. Waiting means trusting and there must be an object of trust. Waiting is another way of worshipping. Trust is not placed in my ability to produce or make the right decision. Trust is placed in the person of God.
  • Come to an end. God is truly good and has no ill-intentions toward his children. He will deliver – he will pull through – he will speak – he will answer – he will rescue – he will open up the door or close the door – he will be patient while he waits for you to turn to him – he will protect – he will provide – he will vindicate – he will lift himself up after allowing you to experience a season of waiting.
  • Happen again. Waiting happens in seasons. And God’s sons grow in spurts and they grow in seasons.


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