Here’s a letter I sent to our closest friends and supporters of our ministry. Please continue to pray for the Yangs, Seamans, and Trinity Life during this exciting and very sad time.

Dear closest friends and partners,

The Yangs have big news to share with you!

We’ve been so blessed by your prayers and support these past four years in planting Trinity Life Church with Mike and Missy. We thank God for your Kingdom mentality and faithfulness to his work. Because of that God has done so much in a short period of time. In just four years Trinity Life has become a healthy church in downtown Toronto helping people discover identity and destiny in Christ, influencing Toronto and the world.

And you helped make this happen!

So it’s with a mixture of joy and sadness that we share with you that over the last few months we’ve discerned from the Lord our season in Toronto has come to an end.

Just to be clear 1) our marriage and family is great, 2) our relationship with Mike, Missy, and the church leadership is stronger than ever, and 3) Trinity Life is in it’s strongest season of growth and ministry. Our leaving isn’t prompted by conflict, division, moral failure, or burn out. We sense a change in call and ministry and this next season will give us a time of replenishment and learning. In some ways it’s the worst time, but also the best time to step away.

Please take time to read our letter to Trinity Life Church that we sent out a few weeks ago to learn the details of our decision.


We want to share three things with you in this email.


Your unwavering support to the Yangs and Trinity Life Church has made the difference. Because of you God has planted a church in one of the least reached cities in North America and bringing many people to salvation and releasing them to their identity and destiny. You’re a testimony to us that it takes the Body of Christ – the Church with a capital “C” – to accomplish God’s mission.


Daniel will continue to lead and pastor Trinity Life until the end of March. Mike will continue on as sole Lead Pastor. The Board of Directors have been gracious in providing two and a half months salary for us while we wait for the boys to finish school. Our plan is to leave Toronto at the end of June.

April, May, and June will be spent discerning a move to Detroit or Chicago. Also during that time Daniel will be consulting with Toronto Church Planting and the SEND Network. He’ll also speak at a few churches, retreats, and conferences. These months will be busy, but restful busy.


Can you continue to pray in the following ways?

TRANSITION. There’s a lot of change. Pray for Mike and Trinity Life to boldly continue on in the mission that God has solidly established. Pray that the Yangs will transition well as they return to life in the States. Canada isn’t too different from the US, but one thing’s for certain, times have changed and we’ll miss Canada.

REPLENISHMENT. God has been clear that we will receive replenishment in this next season. Whether it be in PhD studies, work, ministry, or family life – we know God is building us stronger to accomplish more of what he’s prepared for us to do. Pray that we will not be distracted from this blessing.

PROVISION. As of July, we will not have a steady stream of income and Daniel will begin seminars in Chicago the first week of August. The idea of paying for a PhD and supporting our growing family can seem daunting. Pray for God to provide for us through miraculous means and vocation/work so that we can continue to serve him and bless others generously.


If you continue to give through Northwood Church, all current giving will be forwarded directly to Trinity Life Church. As of March 31st, Northwood Church will no longer act as a clearinghouse for giving to Trinity Life.

If you feel led to continue to give to Trinity Life keep in mind that as a Canadian church we cannot issue tax deductible receipts to American givers. Send checks to:

P.O. Box 72600
Toronto, ON M4W 3S9

If you feel led to give directly to the Yangs during our transition or if you would like to mail us a note of encouragement, our address from now until June 29th is:

231 Victor Ave
Toronto, ON M4K 1B3

Our call to ministry and serving the Kingdom is stronger than ever before. We’re excited for our next season despite the variables and unknowns. God has never given us vision without provision. We’ve never been without a mission or an assignment. It’s the greatest thing to be beloved sons and daughters of the Living God – to be his children on his mission.

And it’s been a tremendous honour having your support over the years in serving Jesus. May he give us many more years to do so. And may he draw many more people into his Kingdom because of our faithfulness.

With much love and appreciation in Christ,

Daniel, Linda, Justin, Conor, Joel, and John-Abraham


  1. James Orth says:

    I will continue to lift you and your family up in prayer. When praying for you I saw a new cloak with golden tassels. You are walking into your next s season covered with the provisions from the Lord. Don’t be looking for provisions but just receive all that the Father has already prepared for you. It’s in His covering for you. You may not see it, but hearing the Father and stepping out (Moving out) Father will have His provisions for you laid out for you to receive along the way. Abraham heard the Lord and believed, He stepped out and received the Blessings of the Lord along the path. Faith, believe and trust in the Lord!

  2. Joshua Xiong says:

    Dan and Family,

    Thinking about you, praying for you and sending our love from Shanghai, China.

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