I’m married to Linda and we have four sons named Justin, Conor, Joel, and John-Abraham. We live in downtown Toronto where we’re having a blast planting a church called Trinity Life with Mike and Missy Seaman and our team.

I grew up in Detroit in a neighbourhood dominated by gangs, violence, and failing schools. I graduated from the University of Michigan and had an eight year career in software before becoming a pastor. At the age of twenty-four I began having doubts about God, church, and Christianity. This began a secret two year journey of struggle which eventually led me to enrolling in seminary to learn more about the Bible, theology, and philosophy.

In June 2009 I received an invitation by Bob Roberts Jr. and Northwood Church to be mentored on how to plant churches, do community development, and engage globally. In June 2012 after several years of praying and countless hours of assessment and counsel – Linda and I accepted the call to plant churches in a great city that’s known as the world’s most ethnically diverse city – a gateway to the rest of the world!

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